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Deco Window Curtain Rod Dealer In Chennai, Tambaram , Rajakilpakkam, Medavakkam, Pallikaranai, Perfect Curtain Rods for A Picture-Perfect Home Home is where the heart is. We may love travelling, exploring new places but the moment we reach home, there is a sudden comfort and ease. It’s your space, your place, so do it the way you want. Ensure your comfort, mix and match and make your nest colorful and bright. Let light filter-in when you want and ensure your privacy, perfectly with the best set of curtains. When choosing your curtains, you need to keep a lot of things in mind. Highly utilitarian, it can change the complete landscape of your room. So, do it nicely and buy sturdy and stylish curtain rods to maintain the grace of your designer curtains. Range of Curtain Rods Check curtain rods online and you will find such an amazing variety that even your simple curtains will shimmer like never before. With the growing consumer consciousness, we at have designed curtain rods for every nook and corner of your home. You can find window curtain rods, shower curtain rods and door curtain rods at decowindow. We consider a curtain rod equally important as the curtain. So, we focus on the color and make of the rod and design our finials, exceptionally. Furthermore, we also ensure that your curtain rods are strong and sturdy. We pay careful attention to the make and quality. So, you can find metallic, wooden and steel curtain rods that will hold your curtains, strong. Before, you change the curtains or invest in new curtain rods, check for an amazing variety at decowindow and design your home, beautifully. You can buy separate curtain rods with designer finials for your living room and bedroom, explore our colorful collection for kid’s room and sleek and stylish ones for the bathroom. We have designed separate shower curtain rods too. So, break the monotony and design your home, your way. Shop Easy, Shop Fast Made for your comfort and ease, shopping at will be a breeze. Simply, add your favorite to the cart, feed your address and pay the way you want. From pay with Amazon to cash on delivery, credit or debit card, you will find every possible payment gateway for your ease. What more? Don’t like it, then return it within 15 days without any hassles or queries. Curtain Tie Backs & Holdbacks Tiebacks are a conventional and convenient way of tying your curtains. Been in vogue since times in memorial, this gorgeous piece of accessory is simply a must-have. Though small in size, curtain tie backs are significant in making your windows complete. They play an essential role in dressing the curtain other than the functional use. Just as accessories are important for your hair, doing your windows to perfection also calls for such right accessories, and tiebacks definitely take the center stage. From holding your curtains neatly to filtering light as per your fancy, this fab accessory is surely multi-utilitarian. A symbol of royalty, curtain tiebacks have evolved much in terms of design, over a period of time. Tiebacks have become minimalistic in their design approach. The trend is moving towards modern designs. However, if you wish to give a rustic and beautiful tint to your windows, then adding traditional tiebacks can just do the task for you. Conventional tiebacks have crochet weaving or wrapping on yarn at the top, which is the head and a bunch of yarns at the bottom called skirt. This entire set is connected with two long strings of cord to tie with the curtain. While, the functional utility of tieback for curtains hasn’t changed, in terms of designing and make it has evolved quite a bit. You can see changes in its shape, size and workmanship of the head and skirt. The 2000 century has been a defining moment in home architecture & interiors. A minimalistic and machine made approach has been introduced and we know see, curtain tie backs made with metal, wood, and plastic magnets. The modern day tiebacks include flower curtain tie backs, curtain holdbacks and curtain magnet holders among others. They usually match the design of the hardware and are barely visible maintaining the functionality similar to tiebacks. At Decowindow, we understand the importance of tiebacks and have created a fusion of tiebacks in keeping with modern day demands. While, reducing the size of the tiebacks, we have introduced it in modern colours and are manufacturing huge volumes through machine, but at the same time we have upheld the integrity of crochet within the tieback and provide it at a reasonable price. Decowindow also showcases an entire range of curtain holdbacks, and soon will be expanding on this category, as well. The yarn of the tiebacks and workmanship defines its quality standard. Adhering to this, we at Decowindow ensure that tiebacks are made using the most premium dope dyed yarn, which is 100% sun resistant and colour fast. So, be rest assured our curtain tie backs won’t fade, when placed near the window, even if direct sunlight falls on it. Our design team of over 40 people are working to create a balance between the bygone and contemporary requirements. We are striving to seek a balance between the originality of the curtain tieback design with a modern blend. Deco window Tieback Dealer in Chennai, Tamabaram, Rajakilpakkam, Medavakkam, All are tiebacks for curtains come in colour mixes i.e. they would never be in a solid colour, instead will have multiple shades and tints. Designed uniquely for customer benefit, such tiebacks with different colour blends can be easily mixed and matched with your existing curtains and decors. Imagine matching a solid hue tieback accurately when there are no two same reds or blues. This definitely becomes quite a task when you plan to buy curtain tie backs online. Understanding the requirements of modern day customers, we have carefully done the price range for our exclusive and exquisite curtain tiebacks. You can get any tieback in the range of Rs 199 for a pair to 1299. It all depends upon the size, workmanship and raw material. So, you will have more than enough to choose from. Such a significant accessory, but is often under rated or unknown to customers. The knowledge of this product and it’s many uses are not known and is quite limited. So, we have thoughtfully written some detailed blogs making it easy for any customer to have an understanding about this absolutely fantabulous and creative accessory. Read our blogs on curtain tie backs, curtain holdbacks, and curtain tassels to have an idea how you can infuse it in your home décor and beautify it. Whether you are restoring a vintage home or building a new home with style defiantly Your curtains require beautiful hardware accessories that can meet your exact needs, Deco window providing the perfect blend of beauty with a complete range of functioning window accessories or Window Hardware. We are providing everything you need for all types of windows. Curtain Rods & Hardware including three types of curtain rod- extendable, wooden and automatic at our online store with perfect matching of rings, brackets, holdbacks, extra rod.
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Century Ply dealer in chennai, Century Plywood distributors in Chennai, Century Ply distributors in Chennai, Century plywood dealers in tambaram, Century plyboard in chennai, Century ply in chennai, Century plywood in chennai, Century plyboard in chennai, Century ply in tambaram, Century plywood in tambaram, Century plyboard in tambaram, Century Laminates in Chennai, Century Laminates in Tambaram, Century Decorative Laminates In Chennai, Century Laminates dealer In Chennai, Century Laminates Distributors In Chennai, Century Laminates dealer in Tambaram, Century Laminates Distributors in Tambaram, Century Decorative Laminates Dealers In Chennai, Century Decorative Laminates in Tambaram, Century Plyboards (India) Limited CENTURY Plyboards (I) Limited, the makers of the well-known "Century" brand of plywood, was set up in the year 1986 in Kolkata and today it is the leading brand in India. Creating a special niche for itself in a short period, Century today manufacturers the entire range of commercial, marine, concrete, shuttering and decorative plywood. Century has the distinction of becoming the first ISO 9002 company in India for veneer and plywood. Most probably till now it is the only ISO 9002 company for veneer and plywood. It has its manufacturing facilities at DH Road at Bishnupur, between Joka and Amtala. The facility comprises 10 acre plot of land with 5 acre covered area with world class selection of plant and machinery. Product Range Century's product range includes almost all the varieties of plywood, such as commercial plywood, boiling water-proof plywood, decorative plywood, shuttering plywood, block board, filmface plywood etc. After two years of rigorous R& D in the year 1998, Century introduced 100 percent termite and borer proof plywood with 7 years comprehensive warranty and launched the new product in the market with wide publicity and thereafter within a few months it became the top selling brand of plywood in the country. As on date the borer proof decorative plywood introduced by Century has become the minimum bench mark in the plywood industry. Thereafter with the help of IPIRTI, Century undertook another R& D project that is of making 100 per cent boiling water-proof decorative plywood. So far decorative plywood was available without boiling water proof due to various constraints in manufacturing the same. Century successfully concluded its R& D and made a new mark with another innovative product i.e. 100 per cent boiling waterproof decorative plywood - almost at the same price being charged by its competitors for general products. Since the last few years, Century is maintaining an annual growth of approximately 40 percent and has already reached No.1 status in the Indian Plywood Market and selling more than everybody and atleast 30 per cent more than its immediate rivals People behind the Company : The Company is headed by Mr. Sajjan Bhajanka as Managing Director and Mr. Sanjay Agarwal as Deputy Managing Director. Whereas Mr. Bhajanka is a well-known name in plywood and is involved with its products and strategic planning, Mr Sanjay Agarwal, who is also a part of strategic planning, heads the aggressive marketing and sales of the company's products. The Company finds the plywood industry is slowly, but surely waking up to the needs of the demanding and knowledgeable customer and it is upgrading its products so as to last longer and it is good to see Century taking the lead in the change. Market Share: It is roughly presumed that the total size of Indian Plywood Market is around Rs.5000 crores in value terms and around 60 crores sq. metres of plywood on 4mm basis in quantity terms. The market is divided between two categories i.e. (1) branded products and (2) non-branded products. Until 1970 the share of branded products was 90% in comparison to 10% of non-branded products but now the situation has been almost reversed and the branded products have only 10 per cent market share. Generally branded products are being manufactured by the plywood factories in the medium scale, who are paying all the taxes and excise duty, whereas non-branded products are mostly being manufactured by SSI units, most of whom are availing excise and sales tax exemptions. These SSI units generally are not fully integrated ones. They buy semi-processed raw material and do the pressing and finishing jobs in their factories. Thus excise duty collection is largely from the branded products. The total duty collection from plywood industry is estimated to be Rs.70 crores, out of which Century's contribution is likely to be more than Rs.7 crores i.e. around 10 percent of the total excise collection in the country from the plywood industry. When the excise contribution of Century is compared with other branded plywood manufacturers, Century is the highest excise contributor and the next contributor is 30 to 40 percent below it, followed by further lower contributors. In the western and southern markets, Century is the No. 1 selling brand, whereas in other markets it is among the top three. The company has achieved a considerable growth in turnover by 36 per cent in the year 1997-98, 48 per cent in 1998-99 and 52 percent in 1999-2000. It has achieved a turnover of Rs.116 crores during 2000-01 resulting in a growth of 20 percent.
Phifer Mosquito Net Dealer In Chennai, Phifer Mosquito Screen Dealer In Tambaram, Phifer Mosquito Net In Tambaram, Phifer Mosquito Screen Distributors in Chennai, Phifer Mosquito net Distributors In Chennai, Phifer Mosquito screen Distributors In Tambaram, Phifer Mosquito Mesh Dealers In Chennai, Phifer Mosquito Mesh Distributors In Tambaram, Phifer Mosquito Mesh Dealers In Tambaram, Phifer Mosquito Mesh in Tambaram, Phifer Mosquito Net In Chennai, Phifer Mosquito Dealer In Tambaram, Phifer Mosquito Mesh in Chennai PHIFER is the world’s largest manufacturer of mosquito net and solar screens. With presence in more than 120 countries and leading the market in the highly quality conscious North America, Phifer products are now available in India through exclusive Galleries displaying life size working models of mosquito screen systems, solar screen systems, roll on blinds and the newly launched Balcony cover systems. PHIFER GALLERIES help you to operate and experience the various fitment options available and choose the system that suits you to protect your home from Mosquitoes and heat. With around ten different types of fitment options and five different types of mesh options, Phifer presents you with a huge range of product combinations to match all budget ranges. Phifer’s mosquito screens and the various fitment options add up to the aesthetics of your Home Interiors without disturbing the purpose of a window, to provide free flow of air and light. Phifer meshes are Invisible too. From 4 feet away you will hardly notice the mesh. Facilitates free flow of air and good outward visibility. The Phifer Story In 1952 J. Reese Phifer established Phifer Incorporated in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (USA) as a weaver of aluminum insect screening. Today, the company is the world’s largest producer of aluminum and fiberglass insect screening products. When Phifer began production in 1952, the two main goals were to excel in quality and in service. Phifer has kept this commitment to our customers for more than six decades and remains dedicated to continue to provide quality products and service for years to come. Why choose Phifer ? Phifer’s continuous commitment to deliver the highest quality products has made us the World’s largest manufacturer & innovator in this segment. Our product development team utilizes a marketing driven approach with a keen ear to the needs and requirements of our customers and the markets in which our products are used. We focus on technology driven opportunities that offer a good fit toward the guiding principles of our company and with our distinct core competencies. Phifer’s Quality Certifications. Greenguard Microban Lead Free Flame Retardant Energy Saving 100% recyclable Preserves interior surfaces and materials ISO 9001 – 2008 certified PHIFER MOSQUITO NETS SEE THE VIEW NOT THE SCREEN Phifer consumer products make it easy to enjoy the outdoors from inside. The world’s largest screening producer, Phifer offers a wide variety of mosquito net for windows and insect screens and exterior solar screens to help keep out mosquitoes, bugs and solar heat while preserving the view. Interior sun control fabrics help reduce solar heat and create soft, usable indoor light PHIFER ROLL-UP BLINDS CUTS THE HEAT WAVE COMPLETELY Natural light can enhance the function of any room with proper sun management. Phifer’s SheerWeave fabrics are designed to provide high performing solutions to the sun’s harsh rays. Our broad range of sun control fabrics reduce solar heat gain, protect against damaging UV and improve the comfort of any interior space like home, office, business, hospitality, healthcare, education etc., PHIFER BALCONY COVERS BALCOZY Phifer Balcony Shades are ideal for your balconies. There are several advantages of Phifer Balcony Shades over traditional bamboo-based or PVC balcony shades. Phifer Balcony shades are made of superior range of strong vinyl-coated polyester which is designed to cut off up to 80% heat and 95% UV Radiation. For more information please visit
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