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Srinivasaka Enterprises Nippon Paints wholesale dealers in Tambaram, Chennai Nippon Paint Odour-less AirCare Nippon Odourless AirCare is an anti-formaldehyde interior emulsion that helps create a safer and more hygienic indoor environment. This breakthrough product contains Anti-Formaldehyde with Active Carbon Technology, which continuously absorbs harmful free formaldehyde from the air and converts it into water vapour – resulting in clean fresh air. Besides having ultra-low VOC and odour, this environmentally-friendly paint is anti-bacterial and possesses superior washability. Also, it does not contain lead and mercury. It is ideal for people who are allergic to formaldehyde and paint odour. Hence, its use is recommended in eco-sensitive commercial and residential areas such as hospitals, schools, hotels and homes.
Srinivasaka Enterprises Greenply authorized wholesale dealer in tambaram, Chennai Greenply offers a range of excellent quality plywood that is made from premium A+ grade timber which undergoes a rigorous 5-stage manufacturing process to make it termite and borer resistant. Greenply Quality The Greenply range, which includes the flagship brand Greenply Plywood, is made from the finest A+ grade timber and goes through a stringent 5-step preservative treatment, making it termite and borer resistant. Made from 100% hard wood or Gurjan timber, Greenply plywood has high dimensional stability and is warp free. In fact, Greenply is the first company in India to introduce a lifetime guarantee in its premium products, Green Club and Green Club Plus Plywood. The products are eco-friendly and emission free (emits less Formaldehyde as per E1 Formaldehyde Emission level). non-toxic organic chemicals are used for Glue Line protection and in addition to Fire Retardant Plywood, all other Greenply Products are partially treated with Fire Retardant chemicals.
Shera Plank in Tambaram, SHERA plank is a unique fibre cement composite of natural fibres bonded tightly in a high-grade silicate structure. This autoclaved wood-grain siding acquires impressive toughness, yet remains flexible and dimensionally stable. It is cellulose cement plank that contains absolutely NO asbestos fibre, no fibre glass fibers nor formaldehyde.
Srinivasaka Enterprises TATA Tiscon top wholesale dealer in tambaram, chennai TATA Tiscon 500 D is a high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bar. The consistency in strength across the rebar is maintained by reducing the impurities like Sulphur and Phosphorous to a level below 0.075%. '500' refers to the strength of the rebar in MPa and 'D' refers to ductility of the rebar. TATA Tiscon 500 D conforms to the latest standards (last revision 2012) set by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Specification TATA Tiscon 500 D is manufactured through a superior quality and controlled steel making process to diminish the levels of impurities like Sulphur and Phosphorous. These impurities decrease the strength of steel in extreme hot and cold conditions. Therefore lower these values the better.
Srinivasaka Enterprises ARS 500 authorized dealer in tambaram, Chennai ARS 500 conforms to all national and International standards. It guarantees the best possible combination of chemical composition and physical properties, which are maintainted by strict quality control at each and every stage of production. Due to a unique manufacturing technique, ARS 500 bars process a combination of strength and ductility that is far in excess of minimum limits specified in the standard IS:1786. This standards specifies the limit of 500 N/mm2, which is also used by designers. However, in case of ARS 500, the typical value of yield strength is as high as 530N/mm2 for the same product, the typical value of ductiliy as measured by elongation is 15% minimum as against the specified value of 12 % in accordance with IS:1786. Undoubtedly, this ductilty is a guarantee of higher levels of safety.